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Qualfloc™ PAM Flocculants for Paper Industry


We supply a full line of powder flocculants and liquid coagulants which are suitable for many different types of paper production and paper mill wastewater treatment plants. Major applications for our products in the paper industry:


·        Paper Retention Aids-Anionic & Non Ionic

·        Paper Retention Aids-Cationic

·        Paper Dye Fixer & Formation Aids


Qualfloc™-P series of retention reagents have been specifically developed for single retention reagent application or combined (with minerals or organic coagulants) treatment applications. Polymers can be used as a retention reagent on the machine for paper fibers and fillers to obtain optimum water utilization and enough retention. Polymers can also be used for drainage improvement during paper manufacturing. Normally, higher molecular weight polymers are good for retention improvement and lower molecular weight polymers are good for drainage improvement. Depend on the type of fibers and fillers, a retention aid with proper molecular weight

should be chosen by balancing out the importance of retention and drainage functions as required. Lab testing and plant testing for choosing the best polymers are suggested.


Qualfloc™ polyamine and polydadmac coagulants are used generally together with an anionic retention aid providing the cationic charge to enable the dual product system to function correctly, to neutralize the charge on anionic trash in the water circuit, as a fixing agent to control the 'stickiness' in the coated broke and together with AKD and ASA sizes to improve cure rate.

Qualfloc™-P series of cationic and anionic flocculants can be used for the treatment of white water and wastewaters from the paper processing. It is normally used together with Qualfloc coagulants and polyaluminium chloride (PAC) coagulant for best results. For sludge dewatering after the thickening or flotation stage, Qualfloc cationic polymers are normally used.