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General Specification:


Anionic PAM, Powder grade

·        Anionic charge: up to 100%;

·        Molecular weight: Low to Ultra High

Cationic PAM, Powder grade

·        Cationic charge: up to 82%;

·        Molecular weight: Low to High

Non ionic PAM, Powder grade

·        Molecular weight: Medium to High

Amphoteric PAM, Powder grade

·        where both anionic and cationic charges are required


Benefit Features:


·        Super high product quality using advanced microbiological processing. Ultra high molecular

weight, low impurities, full range ionic charge coverage, full line product for choice

·        Very competitive price. Economical to use, effective at very low dosage levels

·        Fast settling rates, achieve high solids removal efficiencies

·        Easily soluble in water, work over a wide pH range

·        Dry powder for easy handling and storage, extended shelf life

·        Produced to comply with world health and environmental standards