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Qualfloc™ PAM Flocculants for Potable Water


Combined with flocculants, polyacrylamides, polyamines and polydadmacs are widely used in today’s potable water purification industry to replace the traditional inorganic coagulants purification processes.  The advantages of the organic coagulants against the inorganics are as follows:


·        Improved performance at dosages of 5 to 10 times lower

·        Minimized sludge volume generated, sludge dewatering cost is reduced

·        Shortened solid-liquid separation time, less thickening capacity is required

·        No affect on PH value of the water treated

·        Works over a broad PH range

·        No addition of soluble metals such as Al and Fe


The purification processes normally include thickening, settling, flotation and filtration. In most cases a coagulant is added prior to a flocculants. A coagulant (organic/inorganic or a blend of the two) destabilizes colloidal suspension and a flocculants will produce flocs that are large enough to form rapid sedimentation. Sludge dewatering is normally carried out by use of a belt filter, filter press or a centrifuge. Product selection is normally carried out by lab and plant testing.


The Qualfloc™ -W series of flocculants and coagulants are specially developed for potable water treatment. Major products:


·        Anionic Qualfloc™-W series Products

·        Non Ionic Qualfloc™-W series Products

·        Cationic Qualfloc™-W series Products