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Qualsoil™ PAM Polymers for Agriculture and Other applications


Qualsoil™-WC for water conservation

Agricultural & Horticultural super absorbent for water

·        Water conservation reduces watering frequency by up to 50%

·        Increases soil porosity

·        Reduces hydric stress

·        Reduces leaching & cuts fertilizer usage

·        Protects the environment against drought & groundwater pollution


Qualsoil™-SC for soil conditioner and Qualsoil™-EC for erosion control

Soil Conditioner and Erosion Control reduce soil loss 80% - 98%, increases water infiltration during irrigation up to 60%. Lowers concentration of nitrogen, phosphorus & pesticides, & decreases biological oxygen demand in runoff water



Reduces hardening and crusting of irrigated soils

·        Reduces turbidity and sediment runoff

·        Lessens furrow reshaping, soil spreading and cultivating

·        Aids in plant growth on high-grade slopes

·        Suitable for surface, mechanical and drip irrigation systems

·        No bioaccumulation in crops

·        Cost effective and time saving

·        Environmentally safe, biodegradable


Qualsoil™-DC for soil dust control

Qualsoil™-DC for soil dust control is applied as an additive to water, greatly enhancing the performance of either a water truck or hydro-mulching spray rig. This non-toxic, user friendly product is added at a low dosage into a water truck or hydro-mulching spray rig while it is being filled with water. Qualsoil™-DC provides the best dust suppression when it is properly mixed with water. Qualsoil™-DC should be reapplied on light traffic areas only when dust becomes noticeable. However, on heavy traffic areas Qualsoil™-DC must be reapplied more frequently. With continued use of this product, soil structure will change over time. Reapplication will only be necessary when dust reappears.